Buyer/Relationship Map Template

Great for Account or Opportunity planning

Consistent top performers don’t win by accident. They win because they don’t leave things to chance. Generating group consensus is the name of the game in the complex sale, which means you need to convert as many stakeholders as possible into supporters.

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Take charge of your deals and identify potential risks/gaps

Track Decision Status

Identify who’s an influencer, decision-maker, economic buyer, coach, champion, etc.

Track Sales Preference

Call out who’s a supporter, an opponent, and who’s on the fence (neutral).

Track Contact Status

Knowing whether someone is contacted, actively engaged, ghosting, or not contacted at all can impact your strategy.

Track Personality Type

Knowing that someone is an opponent, but also has a dominant personality may materially impact your approach.

The tool is complete with convenient, and automatic, color coding so you can quickly uncover potential risks/gaps.


Forecast Review

Use this tool in your forecast review with your manager and it’ll make for a much faster and more productive conversation. You’ll immediately notice the time savings in your 1:1.

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Get this tool so you can quickly uncover potential risks/gaps.

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